BGC is an urban oasis that offers a numerous options for varied tastes and preferences. Locals will love both the familiar and new, and with everything just a few steps away, even those visiting for business will be able to squeeze in a few minutes of shopping, dining, or other indulgence due to ease of access. Here’s a glimpse of what to do in BGC, with Seda at the center of it all.

Food crawl Just walk along Bonifacio High Street and Serendra Piazza where you can enjoy a variety of international and local cuisine, including specialty restaurants and bars


Shopping You’ll find global and local brands carrying a myriad selection of fashion to tech stuff, toys for kids and the big boys, and so much more. Check out boutiques along Bonifacio High Street, at Central Square, and in Ayala Malls Market! Market!

Bargain-Hunting Yes, you can do this, too! Discover the best deals for essentials, plus great finds at the hawker zone, fashion bazaar, department store, supermarket and activity center at Ayala Malls Market! Market!

Trend-spotting The C1 Park outside Central Square is a multi-purpose area used for various activities such as food markets, gifts bazaar, plant fair, and other limited-run events


Kiddie Educational Trip  Not just for the little ones, the Mind Museum is a fun, educational adventure that opens and challenges the mind whether it be digging up the past or looking at the future

Stay Fit Stick to your fitness routine! Runners and bikers love going around BGC and if you prefer staying in one area, Track 30th has a jogging path, yoga and exercise lawn, and meditation garden.

Art Appreciation – You’ll find amazing works of art, including sculptures, art installations, and wall murals by international and local artists whose creativity add pizzazz to this cosmopolitan community 

(Wall mural on the right: Calamansi and Sampaguita by Pastel, Francisco Diaz) 

Shop Art Discover new art, meet featured artists, and shop at BGC Art Mart (check schedules at

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